Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Being very busy..

It is a busy time of the year for Jacqueline. And there are a lot of things going on.

Last weekend, and the three days before the weekend, she was at the “Handwerkbeurs”, that’s a kind of Spring Craft Fair. A lot of booths with a lot of different crafts. Knitting, crocheting, embroidery, quilting, velts, beading and much more. Enough to fill the whole hall. 
Jacqueline has her own booth, of course. With a handful of her quilts hanging at the wall, and a range of different (Dutch) patterns. And for this special Craft Fair, we made a lot of great fabric bundles. These bundles had a lot of lovely flowery fabrics in them, in a whole range of colors.

Why those fabrics for sale, I hear you asking… Well, let me tell you some awesome news. Jacqueline is moving out of her ‘old’ apartment, and moving in into a great ‘new’ apartment. With.. and yes, this is really awesome: a large studio! And she’s looking forward to it, as you can imagine!

So because of the moving out stress, she has all those flowery fabrics for sale. Jacqueline has no intentions to use these any more. And by selling them, she makes a lot of women very happy!
Because of all the busyness, I helped her making those fabric bundles. She couldn’t find the time to do that. 

Not only she had the Fair last weekend, but she’s under a lot of ‘moving out’ stress. The wooden floor in her new house was damaged, and couldn't be repaired. So now she has to pick up the flooring from the old house, and move it into the new apartment. You can imagine how much extra work this will be.

And next Friday she’s teaching classes, and a week later she’s flying to the United Kingdom to teach some classes. Actually there’s no time to move..

But when these three extremely busy weeks are over, Jacqueline has time to be happy with her new apartment. She is happy now, of course, but actually too busy to have fun and enjoy it.

It is a great apartment though. With a large living area, a great hall way, one small and one very large, a super-sized bedroom and a walk-in closet. And the bonus in this apartment is of course the studio. And yes, she planned every detail of the tables, the place for the sewing machine, the quilt on the wall, the fabric storage, everything. The result will be great, and exactly as she had planned. I know my sister ;)

We keep you all updated!
The studio
The studio

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  1. What exiting news!! Making our house ready for sale too, so I know what stuff comes along with moving house. Luckely, I can devote all my time to it. I just can't imagine Jacqueline's busy life AND a move. So, good luck to all of you pulling that off. I know you are all going to help her achive this. Family is the best!
    Too bad I missed the Handwerkbeurs. Just 15 minutes from my home!!
    I hope you sold a lot of fabrics. Makes room for more....
    Well, good luck to the both of you with all the busy weeks and the moving house. I'm looking forward to see pictures of the new studio when it's done.