Thursday, February 27, 2014

Amy, my lovely new companion

I have some great news that I want to share with you Sinds a month I have a new Greyhound , Galgo Espanol . That is a Spanish greyhound . I named her Amy . Why did I called her Amy? .... She looks so sad with her skinny body . The name suits her and she 's really sweet. You may be remembered that November last year my beautiful Enya , also a Spanish greyhound was unexpectedly deceased . The pain I felt inside was so intense ..... and almost unbearable , she was so special to me , that sweet lovely dog. Yet you often hear that people are not taking a new dog because the pain was so intense . That's right , the grief is unimaginable , but I just had the feeling that the legacy of Enya , her empty spot, was ment for another helpless dog. And so it is that we, after Enya’s death we are going to look for another Greyhound . On January 22, Amy flew from Spain to the Netherlands and I picked her up at the Airport in Rotterdam Zestienhoven . A huge bench was pushed inside ...... the door opened ..... and there she was ....
The most tiny Greyhound dog that you could imagine. Not a beautiful and graceful greyhound ... no it was a very tiny, shivering of fear, black lady with an adorable gray snout and eyes that looked so anxious to the ground . Her tail was under her belly .... ( as he would continue in the next days ) and she saw a sea of ​​people, all waiting for her . Oh what it must have been to her: first she was so abused and now being hailed as the first dog of dogs so maligned overwhelming it must be.
 The first days were difficult for her . I think there's an awful lot that has come off at that time for her. A different language , different people, different smells , different food, different sounds .... And she was scared ... really scared of everything! For a vacuum cleaner , a doorbell , for somebody who comes towards us when we take her out for a walk in the park, an idling engine in a car , for other dogs ....
But especially for men she is very scared .
When my father, a few days later want to take her out for a walk, she ran quickly to my studio and crawled as far away as she could, in a corner of the room , behind the curtains , in the hope that he would not see her, but and above would not hit her . My father told me that it broke his heart to see the frightness in such a defenseless dog en huge fear in her eyes. Yet it is now after a month, and she is doing very well.
We work on her confidence and give her hugs and the love she needs. She is so loved, that little snout and that crazy smile .... and that little shy smile .... we see it more and more. In the beginning it was hard to imagine, when she pulled her upper lip up with those big teeth gleaming that in the beginning you really thought she would attack you if you stroke her gently;-) She really looks scary and determined to kill you with that creepy smile;-00. But now…. she dares to come to us and to let stroke her selves and she is enjoying a snack ..... mmmm she almost climbs over you in her eagerness to get it.
Yes she is doing so very well! Dear , dear Amy .... I promise you that we will take good care of you and you will be cherish and be loved as long as you can be with us.

Love, Jacqueline

Note : For anyone who wants to know more about the terrible destiny of the Spanish greyhounds : the Galgo espanols , please Google this name on the Internet in your own language and you will see how necessary it is why just these dogs need to be rescued . Each year, 50,000 of these beautiful sweet and gentle dogs are slaughtered in the most brutal manner because the hunters in Spain don't want to take care for there dogs after the hunting season for their dogs


  1. Finally, a picture of Amy! And laying on her back means she is happy! But of course, with Jacqueline loving her, she is now very happy!

  2. First time visiting you new blog and what a story to begin with.... So hard to know so many sweet greyhounds like her are mistreated and having a horrible life. How lucky Amy is, having you for her new person! I hope you two can have lots of wonderful years together. Congrats with your new furry baby!

  3. Wat een schatje! Geweldig dat ze haar buikje al laat zien, toch een teken van ´overgave´ en vertrouwen. Hopelijk went ze ook snel aan de mannelijke familieleden,
    een aaaaaiiiiii voor Amy!