Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Preparing for the "Handwerkbeurs", and my new car

Today is the day... Building up our booth at the “Handwerkbeurs” in Zwolle... But before that there’s so much to do first.

What about a 58 item list full of things I REALLY MUST NOT FORGET. Because Delft and Zwolle isn’t that close to each other. Normally I don’t bother a two hour drive... but imagine you forget one tiny item, a quilt to name one...that’s something you really need, and you don’t find one of those in a hardware store and replace it for another!

Or how about change, you need some money to start with, right? Well, I think I have it all, and it’s ready to go up in the car in the right order.

I even buy myself a new car for this. Did I need an excuse to buy a new car for the Craft show? Or for my new lovely Greyhound dog Amy, with her graceful legs and body? No, I don’t think so, but it’s really fun to swipe all the stuff I need for the show without any problem in the car. I imagine that on Sunday, when the show is over, the few things I’ve left go in the car without any problem..and that there's so much space left, that all the leftover items rolling through the’s that big, you know.. 
Well...keep on dreaming sister...

Okay, for now...I’ve to finish the last things and hope I don’t forget anything. 
I’ll keep you updated!

Jacqueline, a.k.a Miss BeColourful


  1. Curious on your new car.... Next to quilting I love, love, LOVE cars. The bigger the better!

    1. Hi Bianca,
      It's just an ordinary car, but Jacqueline used to have a tiny Ford and now I she has a big 7 person Toyota, with a lot of space.
      And yes, I know how you love big cars. You had a new one yourself last year, isn't it? A really big American ;) I read that message on your blog, some time ago. I love that car! Do you enjoy having it?
      Love, Bridget

  2. Buying a new car for a craft show? That’s amazing! I don’t think there’s anything wrong about that. Just take it as a nice treat for yourself, and a good investment you have gotten from your hard work. Cheers!

    Damon Sherman @ Butler Auto Hyundai

  3. Hi Jacqueline! I just want you to know that I really admire your amazing craftsmanship. Anyway, have you bought the car you've been wanting? You really deserve a treat, so I hope you've rewarded yourself already. Thanks for sharing that! Kudos and more power to you! :)

    Ross Adkins @ Bulls Eye Auto Glass