Thursday, March 27, 2014

Adventures in Disneyland Paris :)

Finally I have a short break. Yess!
Mom and dad were taking care of Amy, my lovely Greyhound and Mr. Pooky, my spoiled Siamese cat, and off we go to Disneyland Paris . It's only a 5-6 hour drive and with a lot of coffee, cookies, chocolate and sandwiches in my new car, we drove to Paris .

I wrote we, because I went to Disney with one of my best friends: Sandra. I know her for more than 24 years and we are very close friends. She is a friend who’s always there for me. She is the only one who don’t like my colorful quilts. And she said so too. She really don’t like my fabric stash at home, or the bright screen prints that I sometimes show to her in my enthusiasm. I know she want to like them ... but she really couldn’t. She loves the soft color tones and pastels, soft Moda and tiny flowers. Ahhhhh . But okay .... Not everybody has such a good taste like me ;) It 's okay with me, kind of..
At last we arrive at the hotel close to Disneyland, and we park the car in the underground parking lot of the hotel. Checked in, I buy my 2 day ticket.. Yes, only me, and this is a secret that I want to share with you; Sandra is a theme park hooligan. She has bought a ticket last December that’s valid for a year. YES, what do you think of that. She can go whenever she and her children wanted. That’s kind of awesome, right? Okay, we go on and we hop on to the bus in front of the hotel and went off to Disneyland .....
It was a sunny day and the trees in the park were really beautiful . Lots of blossom and magnolias were blooming. But, we didn’t come for the trees or the blossoms, we came to Disney for the attractions. Yes, and we did it all! The scarier the better :D Roller Coasters, The tower of terror, Buzz Lightning… we did it! But also Cinamatique :) I love that, the tea cups and “It's a small world after all...” In those 2 days we went into 25 attractions!!!! And we do have a lot of fun. At the end of the day we were so tired that we take a shower and fell asleep instantly .
The last day we spent on the shopping and outlet mall close to the hotel. Mmmm that’s an attraction  I like, actually... I love it. You always see something you need or want or what you didn’t know you want ;) At the end of the day we drove back home.
But we will be back next year ..... Oh yeah!
Love, Jacqueline

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  1. Sounds like you had a blast with your girlfriend! Just relaxing and having fun together is just what you needed after lots of work and shows. Never been to Disneyland myself, always thought of it of more of a kids kind of thing.... Guess not!?
    I think it's great your friend has a mind of her own and just loves her own style and not yours just because you are "Miss BeColourful" I don't get it either, but still...
    We can't all love the same things, can we?!