Thursday, March 20, 2014

BeColourful on Social Media

Jacqueline is taking a few days off. She was so extremely busy sewing and quilting and designing, she deserves a little vacation. And there she goes.. with a friend to Disneyland Paris. I told her to take a photo camera with her and make some great pics of herself doing nothing and enjoying herself! I hope she does and when she’s back, I’ll ask her to write her adventures here with some pictures :) Wouldn’t that be great!

The good thing is I’ve the opportunity to introduce myself to you :) Some of you already know who I am, because I’m the one who’s doing all of the Social Media for BeColourful. And that’s quite a lot of work, I can tell you that.

Let’s start at the beginning. My name is Bridget Snijder, in Dutch my name is Bregida, which is the same as Bridget. And I’m Jacqueline’s sister.
I’m a librarian at a public library and I’m a school librarian as well. I’ve two busy jobs, working 38 hours a week. And I love both of my jobs!
What I don’t like is quilting :( . Oh yes, I love the results and looking to the work of everyone, specially Jacqueline’s designs, but I really don’t like to do it myself..

At the start of BeColourful, Jacqueline was the only one involved with BeColourful. Ten years ago, Social Media was not that hot and happening, but within the years we noticed it became more and more important. And about 2 years ago, we decided it will be a good thing for BeColourful to start Pinterest and Facebook. And so we did. 
I love to be busy with it. Although it’s very time consuming it’s also great to do. What I do is, making the pictures and post them at Facebook. I do most of the answering of the questions. Sometimes I’ve to ask Jacqueline for advice, because I’m not a quilter at all ;) 
Because there’s more Social Media besides Facebook, we started our own BeColourful You Tube channel, made an account on Tumblr, started with Instagram and came up with this blog. 
I think it’s great to have all these things for BeColourful. It’s just so great to share Jacqueline’s talent on so many different levels.
We hope you enjoy it too!

Love, Bridget


  1. The best thing a girl can have is a sister!! Hi Bridget, having 'talked' to you on FB I already knew this, but nice to hear more about you. Having met Jacqueline many times now, but maybe at a next event I will seek for you to meet your for real. Will you be in Rijswijk next month? Looking out for J. her down-time in Paris. Hope she still knows how to relax...

  2. Yes, I'll be in Rijswijk in two weeks, but not the whole time, I've planned Friday afternoon and Saturday to be there. Maybe we see each other :) That will be great! And yes, I hope Jacqueline has an awesome time doing all the fun stuff, she deserves it :)