Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bye Kansas, I'm sorry to leave you...

I have packed my suitcase because Kansas is over. Tonight I fly to Boise, Idaho. What a wonderful week I have had. I loved the space where the classes were held. Mark and Mary were wonderful, Connie, my host was extremely friendly and my students were so very nice.

Yes I hate to leave Kansas. Except for the weather. OMG… how can you live in a country like this…. I would say…. Lets move…yeah.
We have had a very warm sunny day..mmmm, you can walk outside without a jacket and you must put your sunglasses on the top of your nose. It was a wonderful day.
The next day it was a little bit cooler, but they told me there is a storm coming! What do you mean there is a storm coming. Yes and they are right. At the end of the day you feel that the temperature drops many degrees and we were shivering. The weather radio was on to tell people to take care of stock and houses and that the storm could hurt you very dangerously if you were going outside. Well I can tell you, I was not very comfortable that night. But… well hey, I’m Dutch and we are use to pretty bad weather sometimes. It is just a storm…. But I thought I put my passport next to me…. Just in case… ;-0
But the storm went thru and the next day it was freezing cold! And we have snow… hmm, yes… real snow. Where are the sunny sunflower fields Kansas, the beautiful blue skies and the nice little markets that you see on the pictures in the magazines.

 But besides the weather it was so wonderful to be here.

I loved everything you have shared with me: your hospitality, your friendship and your kindness. I hate to leave but I will be back next year and I hope to see you all again.

Love, Jacqueline

PS: Idaho here I come….

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  1. You were a bit too early in Kansas for the real warmth I guess.... Too bad, but seemed like you had a good time nonetheless. On you go to Idaho!! Have (more) fun there!