Monday, April 21, 2014

Picture perfect ;)

I have to make a confession……

Last Wednesday evening I have had my presentation to the Boise Basin Quilters (the BBQ) in Idaho. And I cannot explain how terrified I was for that evening….

But you have to do what you have to do. I took all my nineteen quilts with me in the hope that all the ladies would pay attention to the quilts and not looking at me. Believe me this is not something I really like to do. I consider myself as a shy person and to do something like this, is a real nightmare for me.

But we have set the appointment and of we go. We drove to the church were the BBQ held there monthly meeting….. And Laura introduced me to the president of the guild. We brought the babies inside and put them in the back of the church. Yes, I know my quilters….. they want to touch the babies and put their nails under the crystals to see if they are really set on the quilts… I’ve seen that happening before in Rijswijk at my show in the Netherlands ;-0

They told me that after the break it was my turn…. What do you mean after the break? Let’s do it now. I’m too nervous to wait after the break. But I have to say everything goes pretty fast and all the ladies have their break with coffee, chocolate and cookies. Too fast, actually..

And then it was my turn.. No escape, no little prayers, no excuses anymore, the time was there.  OMG what should I do!!! I took a deep breath, try to look like a professional quilter and designer, walk to the front of the podium and start.
Bridget and I had made a photo presentation from the last 10 years, and that helps a lot. I started with introducing myself and my beautiful city of Delft, my parents, Mr. Pooky: my extremely spoiled Siamese cat, and my wonderful and beautiful new Greyhound Amy.
And you know, while I was telling my story about them, and how important they are in my life, it turned out very well. I was able to tell some funny and of course, silly stories about BeColourful moments over the past 10 years. I had the possibility to show the quilts and to tell something about it and before I know it, it was a quarter to ten and only 2 people had left the room. Yeahhhh.
They even gave me a standing ovation. Yes, it was such a nice evening that I almost wish to do it over again. Almost…

Love, Jacqueline


  1. Jacqueline, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation the other night at the BBQ meeting and your "babies" are breathtaking. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. I'm sure it was wonderful ... you have such a wonderful presence when you speak! And when you speak of the things you love you make them come alive! Look forward to seeing you!