Monday, July 7, 2014

Yeah! An article!

Oh wow, this is so awesome! Jacqueline has an article in a great needlework/artwork  magazine. How incredible is that. 
It was somewhere in February, I came up with the idea to write at some magazines. It was my thought, because Jacqueline’s company BeColourful has her 10 year anniversary. And so I did. And there was this one magazine that was interested, Handwerken zonder Grenzen, a needlework magazine.

A few months later Monique Bons came to Jacqueline for an interview. And what a lovely lady she was. Monique was so interested in BeColourful and Jacqueline. The interview was great, and the article ended up in 5 pages.

Of course the article has to be enlighten with a few pictures, and that’s my part :) You maybe know I love photography. I’m the photographer of all the pictures you see at our Facebook page, at Instagram or Tumblr and of course at our website. Anyway, taking care of some photo’s is not a problem at all for me. I’ve chosen quite a nice collection of pictures where they can make a selection of. And it was great to see my pictures in a magazine. :)

The article was great, Jacqueline was so very proud to see her work on paper. And at the cover a beautiful detail of one of her new designs.

Love, Bridget

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