Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fun at Pinterest

It has been a while since we have launched our new website and we want to tell you how happy we are with the response from all over the world.
It was a lot of work for Bridget, Harm and Johan, they have put a lot of effort to make it as colorful and clear for you as we could.
 And as we read all the sweet compliments, we think we succeed!! Thank you so much for all the lovely words! 

Since a year and a half we are also very active at other social media like Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube. When Bridget started this, I had no idea how important social media is for a company like BeColourful. I’m so blessed that Bridget is my sister and that she put so much time and effort in BeColourful. She is always looking for nice things and items related with colors or BeColourful to share them with you. I think is it is very time consuming for her, however she is a social media addict ;-)
One of the social media pages that we have is our Pinterest page…We have a lot of very nice mood boards….. I love it! A lot of our thoughts, ideas and inspirations comes from these mood boards.
At our Pinterest page you will find about 24 mood boards such as Dreamy fabrics, Sewing room inspiration, Beautiful quilting, Quilt labels, Inspiring colors.......
And also my favorite mood board: Quilts and Pets. It is so nice to click onto the pictures and see all kind of quilt related items and….so many more… see for yourself.

Love, Jacqueline

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  1. Oohnoooo, too late, you're already sucked in it too!! It's so terribly addictive that I have to set a time I can spent on Pinterest.. Find me on Pinterest too, BiancavdWiel, good pins on travel-have-to's in the US. Will visit your page as soon as I get home next week. Ttfn!