Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Our first BeColourful book!

There’s more awesome news to share with you all. Maybe you already know, are even have it in your possession! What it is.. it’s our first book ever! Yes, a real BeColourful book, featuring all, well, not all, but almost all of Jacqueline’s beautiful designs in it.

Jacqueline is a quilt designer as you may know, and designs for more than 20 years beautiful quilts. And there are so many pretty and stunning designs, and to see them gathered in this beautiful book, well, it’s a treasure. How does it started. Let me tell you.

It was close to Jacqueline’s 53th birthday, and her dearest wish was a photo album with all of quilt designs in it. And I thought that was a lovely gift. It took me some weeks to make this album, and the result was really beautiful. I had chosen high gloss photo paper, on which the pictures came up really colorful. I made a kind of real book of it, with an introduction, and some bible versions that suits Jacqueline. It turned out to a wonderful photo album, and to see all those stunning quilts and amazing designs gathered in an album, it was just so beautiful. And my dearest sister was so happy with this very special album, it brought tears in her eyes..
 Jacqueline thought it was a lovely idea to send one photo album to the American Quilters Society, to Meredith Schroeder, as a thank you gift, because this lovely lady has done so much for Jacqueline in the past years. And with sending her this fantastic photo album, Jacqueline wants to thank Mrs. Schroeder  from the depths of her heart. And I thought Mrs. Schroeder loved this book. So much that she thought it was a great idea to make a real book of this album!

And so it happened. All of us came in action by sending photo’s to the AQS, some quilts needed to be photographed again, and text had to be adjusted. Well, all kind of things that’s needed to make a real book. And July 1th there it was: the first BeColourful coffee table book. Almost as beautiful as the original photo album. It has the same size, 11”x 11”, and the same layout as the original photo album. And there are 54 striking photo’s of Jacqueline’s designs in this stunning book. That makes it really very special.

For me, it is kind of strange to browse the book. I know each and every page, every photo, every little detail I had made, things I had changed, replaced, and more. And to see it in real life, as a book, was strange in a way. It became a beautiful book, but to be really honest, not as beautiful as the original photo album, because that was a gift specially made for my sister, who I love so very dearly.

If you want to have this striking artwork yourself, it’s avaliable at And believe me, you will love it! 

Love, Bridget

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  1. Only a sister can make something as beautiful and loving for a gift.
    I'm so looking forward to my book!! Now that I know this story, I'm even more glad about my special request I made.... (did HarmJan told you?) It's really a family project and it speaks about all the love and attention you all put in it. Jaqueline is the artist of course, but without you, Harm Jan and the rest of the family she wouldn't be where she is now I think. Hooray for this beautiful book. Congratulations to you all!!!