Sunday, May 4, 2014

Social Media and a sneek peek.. :)

Okay! It’s been a while since the last time you were here. Well, there’s a reason for that. While Jacqueline was in America, teaching you all, and showing off at the Quilt Show in Padukah with Harm, I was the only one left behind at home. Poor little me..

However there was a little bright side to it. Because with Harm and Jacqueline both at the other side of the ocean, I had time to do my thing with BeColourful. No one to disturb me with endless phone calls, no one to hunt me down with emails, only some text messages which I could ignore… No, just kidding, it was really too quiet and boring and I didn’t like it at all, them not being here.. I missed them a lot, because we’re very close with each other. We speak to each other on a daily bases, so you can imagine what it has to be for me, when they’re not here.. Yes, poor little me..

And you know, I’m doing my share with BeColourful. Keeping every stream updated! Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and of course Facebook. 
We also have our own You Tube channel, and with only 5 videos so far, that needs a little attention of me too. But you know, with my daily job, the necessary housekeeping and all the BeColourful work, there’s not much time left. And above that, for new videos I’ve to see Jacqueline who’s living more than 2 hours away from me, and shoot some new videos to add to it. And there’s so little time for it…

But I’ve have great news for you all. And that’s why I thought to make this time the blog myself. We’re working on a brand-new website!
How great is that! The old one is very dated, I can’t even look at it L But this new website is so great! Our web designer chooses the format, and I’m doing most of the “filling” (I’m sure there’s a better/other word for that, but I think you know what I mean) We all have our ideas what has to be added, and how we want it to look like, to make it just as sparkling and colorful as Jacqueline’s quilts. And I think it will work. I added some “making of” videos, make a page for classes and shows, a page with all the beautiful BeColourful quilts you all made, 

and so much more! I think this website is going to be great. Hopefully this month it will be released, and I can’t wait for you all to see this beautiful website!

Hope to speak to you soon, when we’re online!

Love, Bridget


  1. How exciting!!! I can hardly wait to see the new website online!! Will keep my eyes on it!
    I can imagine it's lonely when they are all gone and you are the only one left behind, especially when you talk to eachother every day. But sometimes a little break from the daily routine can free your head and give way for new things.
    Keep us updated on the launch of the new website; I will be one of the first to visit! Good luck! ( and if you need any help/assistence; I'm out of work and homebound and would love to work for BeColourful..... hint, hint...)

  2. Don't you worry about that :) I'll definitely keep you updated. It's just so great to work at. And we've been planning this new website for so long! I'm excited it's nearly finished :D
    Love, Bridget