Thursday, May 15, 2014

How a girls dream turned into a nightmare..

When I was a little girl I had a dream… I want a horse, I want to ride on a horse, I want some lessons on a horse riding school etc. etc. I think every girl has a dream like that… Unfortunately there was no money for things like that. Mom and dad decided music and swimming lessons are more important than riding a horse.  And it became a desire, a dream that I want to try it…….
Last Saturday it was girls day out, and the girls and me go for a beginners ride. OMG, I really had the feeling that the BIG day finally was there. My pink-girly-day-dream came true. I’m riding on a real horse!!! I have never been that close to a horse than seen one on a picture in a magazine….o yes.
That morning my sister-in-law Victoria and I drove by car to the riding school in Schoorl, a one hour drive, of course we were there the first. We parked the car and we went in to the riding school. The horses…. well they look really big. But we saw many young girls, riding full of self-confidence, on the back of those big horses. Well if they can do it, we can do this… right, we can do this, we can do this, we can…
Finally all the girls arrived and we tried on some riding caps and boots and off we go. We were able to ask for a special horse. Mariska asked for a “sweet one” and she got a sweet one, Fiory asked for a smaller one… and she got a small horse. Everybody had a special request… and me, well I’m not the skinny type I’m afraid, I love to have a horse that can carry my weight. And then there was my horse….. My God, it was the biggest horse I have ever seen! I was not able to look over his or her back.

She was enormous! I had no idea how to get on her back, I’m not an athlete you know. And to swing my right leg in one movement over her back… well “in your dreams fluffy”. I definitely need a ladder or stairs to get on that horse ;) Well, I won’t tell you how I finally got on top of the horse back, but after a while I was on top of my BIG horse, with the name Whisper. What I didn’t know, someone whispered in his or her ears that she can eat whenever she wants and wherever she wants. And that means she stops at every bush and tree. She don’t wants to listen to me, she only wants her bushes and trees.
After 30 minutes I was done with horses, horse riding, horse poo, bushes and trees, I really want to go back. But unfortunately we booked this beginner class for 90 minutes….. Yes, 90 minutes! The last 30 minutes I was worried how to get of this BIG horse. I was so cold and stiff and because it rained the entire ride, there was not a dry piece of cloth on my body. Finally there was the riding school. They showed us how to get off in a very relaxed manner. But because I was so cold and stiff, and my horse was so BIG and the ground was so far, far away from my feet….. Well, I was able to get off. And no, I won’t tell you how inelegant I finally get of Whisper. Use your imagination ;-)) I was so happy with both my feet on the ground, I almost could kiss the ground, almost. And I know that there will be a day that I can walk again without the intense myalgia. Horses and me…. I don’t think it is the right combination…. I’ll better keep on quilting..
How a girls dream turned into a nightmare……..

Love Jacqueline


  1. Oh Jacqueline, I love to listen to you tell a story! I could hear you telling this! Now you can say "been there, done that, don't want to do it again"

  2. Oh Jacqueline, what a story! Recognizable too.....with the difference I was about 19 at the time.....I remember I was so disapointed....end of a dream riding in the sunset on a beach...hahaha....Quilting is a much better dream and you meet such lovely people and the cat and dog love your quilts ;-)
    Now I watch my granddaughter on horseback and she enjoys it soooo much!
    Wij blijven gewoon met de beide benen op de grond! Sterkte met de spierpijn!

  3. I'm so sorry you had your dream smashed... I have a very vivid imagination, so I laught very hard on the mounting and dismounting parts of your story. Sorry.... :-D
    I do recognize it though, I had a simular experience when I gave in to my dream to ride ever so elegantly on that majestic animal. My sister does it all her life, so why shouldn't I? Well, let I tell you; my dismount was via the rear of the horses' butt, in a big bow throug the air, HARD.... I thought I broke my butt and back, couldn't walk for two weeks... Never more. I'll stick with my sweet cats and quilting. Much safer!