Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How to make a website

Okay, time for a little update from the BeColourful team. As you may have noticed, we finally have a brand new  website. The old one was very dated, and it was time to make a fresh new one. And I can tell you that was a lot of work. A whole lot of work.
I was the one who was making this website. Our webmaster made the frame, and when finished, it was my turn. I had never done something like this before, and I can tell you it’s quite difficult.

I love to work with all kind of things, Instagram for instance, I like to do that and Tumblr is also one of the social media sites where I like to post some pics now and then. Pinterest is also one of my very favorite sites to visit to search for great ideas. Facebook, well, you all know that Facebook BeColourful is like my baby, how I love to be there, and keep you updated with all kind of posts. And I love YouTube, I would like to do more with that stream, but you know, there’s only so much hours in a day..

Okay, back to the website. Did I mention how difficult it was? I think so.. At first, I had to think about how to get every photo and picture on the right spot. And where. Sometimes that was a hard decision. And can you imagine how frustrated I was when I was working on this site, and the photo’s didn’t do what I expected them to do? As in stay where they are? Once I added a photo, great, but after I had find the right spot for this photo, it kept hanging at my mouse. It followed me everywhere on the page. I wanted to scream, not that was of any help and it didn't work either.. I tried everything to get rid of the picture, but it keeps on following me. It was not funny anymore..

Oh, and at one time, I had the whole page scrolling without my permission. It scrolled up and down time after time. I didn't know what I’d done, but finally it stopped. Until now, I have no clue what I did to make it stop. Anyway, I think it looks good, and I’m quite happy the way it turned out. It’s a bright and colorful website, just as bright and colorful as Jacqueline’s designs.
As you explore our website, you may notice some poor English sentences.. Feel free to e-mail me and correct me. I don’t mind. You know, English is not my first language, and although I do my very best (with a little help of Google Translate now and then ;) ) there’s no doubt I make mistakes.. So please, don't hesitate to mail me.

Love, Bridget


  1. Well, I already told you before, but I love, love, LOVE this site and I know a lot of others think so too! Your english is just fine and I doubt anyone would notice any mistakes if there are any at all...
    Today I received the Aurora-pattern (Yeah!!) and will buy fabrics for it on our trip. Jacqueline was so nice to sign it for me and I'm so glad about that!! You make a great team, you and your sister and your brother HarmJan (I emailed with him about the site already) Great team spirit! You can all be very proud on all you've achieved and done with this gorgeous site!! xxx Bianca

    1. Thank you so much for saying that, Bianca! It's so sweet of you to say. And I'm/we are really glad you like our new site!
      I hope you come back and visit our site more than once :)
      Love, Bridget

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